Reese Witherspoon Answers Vogue's 73 Questions, Dishes on Rap Names, Tracy Flick, and Fried Chicken

Well, hello there, Little Spoon!

On Monday, Sept. 29, Vogue released its latest “73 Questions” video starring none other than the ever-bubbly Reese Witherspoon, who’s also covering the fashion bible’s October issue.

Clad in a floral skirt and navy blue top, the Gone Girl producer, 38, ushered Vogue’s questioning cameraman around the elegant Los Angeles home she shares with her husband, Jim Toth, and three children: Ava, 15, Deacon, 10, and Tennessee, 2.

Just a few of the highlights from the reel: Her favorite holiday is Easter. Favorite Disney character? Tinkerbell. Fave food? Fried chicken! And if she were to be reborn as a rapper, her stage name would be, yep, Little Spoon.

Witherspoon was also asked what she thought that her iconic Election character, Tracy Flick, was up to these days. “I think she probably runs the tea party now,” she quipped.

To find out Witherspoon’s favorite App, the first thing she thinks about in the morning, and much more, watch the video now!