Andrew Garfield Insults Beyonce, Runs From the Beygency on Saturday Night Live: Watch Here!

He may be Spider-Man, but Andrew Garfield is no match for Beyonce! The British star, 30, hosted the May 3 episode of Saturday Night Live, and in one sketch made the dire mistake of "not feeling" Queen Bey's hit song "Drunk in Love." 

What happened next involved the "Beygency," a covert secret agency in charge of protecting the world from Beyonce's haters. After Garfield's insult, he was forced to to go on the run. 

"He turned against his country, and its queen," the voiceover declared. "A man with nowhere to run and no taste."

He momentarily thought he'd found friends in 24 stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who were "just a couple other people that made a mistake," when he saw Sutherland's Rihanna's #1 tattoo, but they were quickly taken out. 

To see what happened to Emma Stone's boyfriend, watch the clip above!