Bachelor Pad's Dave, Natalie "Having Fun" After $250,000 Win

Entertainment Sep. 15, 2010 AT 1:01PM
Bachelor Pad's Dave, Natalie "Having Fun" After $250,000 Win Credit: ABC/RICK ROWELL

Has winning $250,000 ignited any extra romantic sparks between Bachelor Pad winners David Good and Natalie Getz?

Not yet.

"We live 2,000 miles away," Natalie, 28, tells "We're not jumping into anything. We have very similar personalities and in order for this to be long-lasting, I think it needs to be a slower-moving process."

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Adds David, 28 (who plans to use some of his money on his upcoming book, The Man Code): "We were great friends before the show, so that puts a different spin on things. We'll see what happens."

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Natalie - who is paying off some loans and giving some of her winning money to a charity funding prostate cancer research - is also keeping an open mind.

"We're more than friends -- that's not a secret," she tells Us. "I think right now we just like hanging out and having fun."

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One thing Dave wants to stress to fans?

"We're not Tenley and Kiptyn!" he tells Us. "We're not America's sweetheart couple! They're going to have a baby Jesus. They fart rainbows and s--t butterflies!"

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