Bachelor Pad's Gwen Doesn't Want Her Age Revealed

Credit: ABC

On Monday's Bachelor Pad, some of the guys laughed and joked about how old contestant Gwen Gioia looked.

"Is she a little older than us? cracked contestant David Good, 28.

Sniped Jesse Beck, 25: "I don’t know when they started doing The Bachelor, but she's definitely someone I look at as a mom."

Gioia starred on season 2 of The Bachelor.

Interestingly, on the Bachelor Pad bio pages, Gioia -- a project manager from Philadelphia -- is the only contestant who declines to reveal her age. ( lists her as 39, just two years older than contestant Juan Barbieri, who was among the first to be voted off.)

Her bio page vaguely describes her as "older and wiser amongst her rivals."

Host Chris Harrison tells, "You’ll notice instead of her age, there are question marks next to Gwen’s name. That’s because she told us not to put her age on the show."

Tell Us: How old does Gwen look to you?