Bai Ling Melts Down During Celebrity Rehab

Bai Ling Melts Down During Celebrity Rehab

Chinese actress Bai Ling acknowledges she has an intense addiction to alcohol, but seeking treatment is easier said than done.

When the star, 44, arrived to begin treatment at Dr. Drew Pinsky's Pasadena Recovery Center (and have that treatment taped for VH1's Celebrity Rehab), Ling quickly clammed up and melted down before even setting foot in the center.

"When I drink champagne, everyone is my friend," she says in a new exclusive clip from June 26's Celebrity Rehab premiere. "I'm allergic to alcohol, I shouldn't even drink at all. I feel dangerous and scared and I need help."

As the above clip shows, when she arrives outside of Pinsky's center, Ling pauses to deliver a peace offering to her dead relatives by drawing with chalk on the sidewalk and lighting a candle. "Please protect me. Fulfill my dreams," Ling writes in a message to her deceased grandmother.

Later, Ling dissolves into tears. "I can't go in," she sobs. "I'm scared of this place."

Check out the exclusive clip from the Celebrity Rehab premiere to see if Ling makes it into treatment, and tune in to the full episode June 26 at 9 p.m. (EST) on VH1.