Bill Hader Reprises Stefon on Saturday Night Live, Talks Seth Meyers: Watch Now!

"How long have I been on anesthesia?" A lot has changed since Weekend Update's City Correspondent Stefon appeared on Saturday Night Live, and on Oct. 11 the quirky, flamboyant guest returned to the desk to discuss New York's hot spots when Bill Hader hosted the show.  

Stefon had a memorable exit from SNL back in May 2013 when he had an impromptu wedding to former Weekend Update host Seth Meyers. When new hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che (whom Stefon referred to as "Mitt and Barack") asked about Stefon's hubby Meyers, he replied, "He's at home practicing how to sit behind a desk."

In February, longtime SNL alum Meyers began his stint as the host of The Late Show With Seth Meyers on NBC. 

Though Stefon has spent time away from the Weekend Update desk, his character was funnier than ever, instructing the audience on the best clubs to go to in the city. 

"New York's hottest club is Whimsy," he began. "Condemned by GLAAD and EPA from Ghostbusters, this old, wet Band-Aid found in a jacuzzi is the kind of place that makes you feel weird the next time you see your parents."

Watch the clip and see what causes Bill Hader to break character!