Christina Applegate Plays Meryl Streep's Most Famous Roles Really Badly in Hilarious Lifetime Movie Spoof

We'd really, really like to watch this Lifetime movie! Christina Applegate takes on Meryl Streep's most iconic movie roles for a spoof trailer of Meryl: The Lifetime Biopic — and it's really, really funny!

Although the full-length feature will never hit our screens, Applegate leaves us wanting so much more, as she totally destroys Streep's biggest movie successes including The Devil Wears Prada, Kramer vs. Kramer and Mamma Mia

The Funny or Die creation comes complete with dramatic voiceovers, declaring Applegate's appalling acting to be compelling viewing. "Critics agree, Christina was the wrong choice to play Meryl," blasts the commentary. "Honestly, it's like she's not even trying."

Not only does Applegate recreate Meryl's greatest roles, the fake biopic also promises behind-the-scenes access to the 19-time Oscar nominee’s life — including her outraged reaction when someone jokes she hasn’t been nominated for an award. 

"Honestly we kinda struggled to find dirt on Meryl, so we made things up," the melodramatic voiceover explains. 

Applegate shared the video via Twitter on Tuesday, Sept. 1, with a little sweetener for her muse! "Forgive me Meryl," she wrote. "All for love." 

Watch the whole hilarious video above and discover the real secret to Streep's ability to cry on cue!

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