Long before Demi Moore was posting half-naked pictures on Twitter, E! reality star Coco Austin was sharing her own steamy shots via the social networking site.

During a recent visit to Us Weekly's New York City offices, the 32-year-old glamour model (married to rapper and actor Ice-T) explained why she's "a little bit of an exhibitionist."

"People thought I was a Photoshop queen or whatever, and I started taking candid photos and posting them on Twitter," the buxom blonde said. "They became popular -- more popular than my modeling pictures!"

"Now I've become a slave to Twitter because I started 'Tittie Tuesday' and 'Thong Thursday,' so now people are waiting for it."

Though she was once mocked for sharing the racy images, Austin said she paved the way for other stars looking for a little extra attention. "The funny thing is I saw other celebrities catching on to what I did, [like] Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan," Austin said. "Now it's OK."

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