Did The Bachelorette's William Deserve a Rose?

Did The Bachelorette's William Deserve a Rose?

The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert is willing to forgive -- but not forget -- her one-time prince charming, William.

The 26-year-old dental student was head-over-heels for the 30-year-old suitor during a recent Las Vegas-set date, but things changed on Monday's episode when William trashed Hebert during a comedy show outing.

Asked to roast Hebert on a group date, William didn't to rag on the other guys -- as most of his peers did, to keep Hebert in high spirits -- and instead took clear aim at the bachelorette.

"I thought I signed up to be with Emily [Maynard] or Chantal [O'Brien], and then Ashley's here," William said during his portion of the roast, after slamming Hebert for her small chest. "Who gives a s--t?!" (Watch his roast above)

"He couldn't have said anything more hurtful," she said through sobs. Even smarmy Bentley -- who later quit the series -- couldn't believe William's audacity. "I feel the same way, but I'm not going to say it to her face. Like, don't be stupid."

Justifying his actions, William told Hebert: "This was a roast, it wasn't compliment Ashley night."

Later, Hebert shocked fans -- and William -- when offering him a rose, sending a just-unmasked Jeff and Chris D. home instead.

As William gets another chance at love, tell Us: Did he deserve a rose?

By Allison Corneau for Us Weekly. For more Channel Surfing, click here.

Did The Bachelorette's William Deserve a Rose?


Did The Bachelorette's William Deserve a Rose?

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