Sweet Uncle Si! In a video filmed while making Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, the 65-year-old Duck Dynasty jokester gets a little emotional while sharing his favorite Christmas memory. What could have been one of the worst Christmases, ended up being one of the best thanks to the generosity of someone else.

"We lived in a farming community. The hands that drive the tractors. . . they don't make a lot of money," the A&E star explains. "Daddy had fell off an oil rig, broke his back and was not working."

Uncle Si grew up in Vivian, La., with six siblings. When his mother, Merrit Robertson, was asked by a wife of one of the farmhands what she was getting the kids for Christmas that year, she said there wasn't going to be a Christmas due to the lack of income.

"Two weeks later, [the woman] comes back and hands mama an envelope," Uncle Si recalls. "It was something like $500 or $600 in an envelope with 'Merry Christmas' on it for the kids."

"That's my favorite Christmas memory," he adds, appearing to get a little choked up. "This is people that didn't have much, giving a lot. Which is what Christmas is all about: giving."

Watch Uncle Si share his favorite Christmas memory in the sweet video above. For more on the Robertson family's Christmas traditions, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly on newsstands now.