Emma Stone Reduced to Tears Over Spice Girls, Sings "Wannabe" in Endearing Clip

Entertainment Mar. 20, 2014 AT 11:45AM

Emma Stone just showed us what girl power is all about! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress, 25, had a major fangirl moment on the Australian talk show Jules, Merrick & Sophie With Mel B. on March 19. 

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Upon learning that Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice) wasn't able to make it, Stone immediately started tearing up on camera. 

"Wait, Mel B. could have been here? I'm going to cry!" she exclaimed as her eyes welled up. 

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Luckily the spunky Spice Girl recorded a friendly video for the super fan, thanking her for being a lifelong supporter and giving her a hard time for liking Baby Spice the best. 

Emma Stone has a major Spice Girls fangirl moment on an Australian talk show.
Emma Stone has a major Spice Girls fangirl moment on an Australian talk show.
Credit: Terry McGinnis/WireImage.com; Caroline McCredie/Getty (inset)

"Oh my God, is Mel B. talking to me?" Stone said panicking. "Oh my God, I'm so excited. I'm legitimately crying. I'm the biggest Spice Girls fan ever!"

As "punishment" Mel B., 38, declared that Andrew Garfield's longterm girlfriend had to sing one of the group's top singles. But by that point the waterworks had started.  

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"What should I sing? I can't sing! She just talked to me," Stone said through elated tears. 

Finally she landed on "Wannabe," the band's first big hit — and happily sang a verse for the delighted hosts. Watch the adorable clip above!

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