FIRST PIC: See Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin as Headbangers in Rock of Ages

Rocking out!

Russell Brand tweeted a photo of himself and costar Alec Baldwin on the set of Rock of Ages Tuesday afternoon.

"Now this has happened with me and Alec Baldwin," Brand wrote, referencing the duo's outdated looks in the photo. "Does reality even matter?"

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Baldwin, sporting a two-toned denim vest, aviator shades and chin-length sandy blonde hair, appeared to be enjoying his movie gig. "On the set with the one and only Russell Brand," he wrote

The film -- directed by Adam Shankman -- will also feature Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough and Mary J. Blige. It centers around a small town-girl (Hough) arriving in Hollywood at the height of the 1980s rock-music scene.

Shankman also tweeted the pic, adding: "Russell and Alec [are] making my life heaven on the Rock of Ages movie."