Hot Stuff: Mary J. Gets Crunk on the Grammys

Mary J. Blige got eight Grammy nominations to Justin Timberlake's four and didn't even have to flash any silver-plated nippage.

Either Beyonce is being attacked by a temple-burrowing tapeworm or Tina Knowles' daughter-lobotomization is finally complete.

If you would think a Ph.D candidate being interviewed by the Associated Press about what it's like being college classmates with Martin Sheen would have a better quote than, "He totally just hangs out." You would be wrong.

Okay, Dakota Fanning is incredibly talented, but her Vanity Fair shoot with Karl Lagerfeld is just Creepy McCreepsville.

At noon on December 13, a bunch of literates will try to break the Guinness world record for Most People Reading Aloud Simultaneously by reading from Charlotte's Web.