Jaleel White (Urkel!) Gets a New TV Show

Credit: Michael Stewart/FilmMagic

Steve Urkel is heading back to TV!

Former Family Matters mainstay Jaleel White is set to host Syfy's newest game show, Total Blackout, the network has confirmed.

Beginning production October 18, the series -- from Fremantle Media, the company that brought The X Factor Stateside -- features contestants competing in a series of stunts in the cover of total darkness.

"I just said to myself, this is a show I would watch," White, 34, has said of his new venture. "There are big surprises…the biggest surprise will be the contestants' behavior, whether they maintain their composure or not, because the darkness brings out something in all of us."

Total Blackout -- based on the game show of the same name popular in Norway, Japan, Greece and Belgium -- is expected to premiere in primetime in 2012.