Jeopardy Player Sets New Record: $231,200 in Seven Days!

Credit: CBS

Jeopardy! has a new champ.

Roger Craig, a 33-year-old University of Delaware grad student, set a record on Tuesday's show, winning $231,200 over a seven-day period.

He is now the third-highest winner in history‎. (Ken Jennings is the highest with $2,520,700; David Madden comes in second with $430,400.)

Craig has also earned the highest one-day total during his second game, beating Jennings, who has held that honor for more than six years.

"I was totally shocked," he said. "It obviously helped by having set the highest single-game record and by my large Daily Double bets."

How will he spend some of his winnings?

Some is going to charity; some is going toward student loans.

Craig, who will earn a Ph.D. in computer science this fall, also plans to buy a car, travel and experience gourmet dining.

"I eat a lot of Ramen and pasta, so I'm hoping to treat myself to sushi more often," he said.