5 Reasons to Watch Jerseylicious

5 Reasons to Watch Jerseylicious

Missed last Sunday's premiere of Jerseylicious?

Well, be sure to catch the reruns, because as series star Tracy DiMarco tells Us Weekly, viewers who skipped the premiere missed out on one of reality TV's biggest blowout fights.

"In the first episode is officially the biggest fight you'll ever see in your life. All of the women at the [Gatsby] Salon go head-to-head," she says. "That fight branches out into what is to come."

As episode two airs Sunday, DiMarco -- and nemesis Olivia Blois Sharpe -- are offering Us their top five reasons to watch the rest of the season.

What's on tap for future episodes? The frenemies continue to boyfriend swap and get into massive spats. "Nothing has changed between me and Tracy," Sharpe says. "That's another reason to watch. Our fights are even worse and we hate each other even more!"

Catch the girls' can't-miss moments in the clip above and tune in to Jerseylicious Sunday at 8 p.m. (EST) on the Style Network.

By Allison Corneau for UsMagazine.com. For more Channel Surfing, click here.