Jessica Chastain Rocks '80s Workout Gear, Shows How Not to Chew Gum in Goofy Wrigley's Parody

So totally fresh! Jessica Chastain took it back to the 1980s on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, Jan. 13, with an adorably goofy parody about how not to chew Wrigley's gum.

Prior to Chastain's appearance, host Jimmy Kimmel showed a clip of himself in a (fake) training video for Wrigley's, which was "made to instruct actors how to chew gum correctly in Wrigley's commercials," he explained. The clip showed the comedian demonstrating how to "load" the gum in one's mouth.

Joining him later on the show, 37-year-old Chastain informed Kimmel that she was in the video, too. "You stopped the spot before it got to [my part]," the A Most Violent Year actress said, pretending to be insulted.

Producers then rolled tape on the rest of the video, which featured Chastain in full '80s workout gear — floral leggings and purple scrunchie included! She demonstrated how not to react to the famous spearmint taste of Wrigley's, all while straddling a workout machine with Kimmel seated behind her.

Watch the hilarious parody above!