There's big news in the boy band world today, and it's not Zayn Malik's One Direction exit! Jimmy Fallon formed his own group on The Tonight Show on Thursday, March 26, with — wait for it — himself, times five.

The late-night host teamed up with five of his Madame Tussaud's wax figures for the creepiest rendition of The Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann" you've ever heard. Even Fallon himself was initially a little spooked by the collaboration, but his wax figures' easy breezy harmonies ultimately won him over.

Together, the six Jimmys sang and danced their way through the classic 1960s hit, complete with synchronized swaying and clapping. "Barbara Ann, take my hand!" they crooned brightly.

Halfway through the sunny tune, though, things took a turn for the Twilight Zone, as the suited-up wax Jimmys started to close in on the real flesh-and-blood Saturday Night Live alum.

Watch the video above to see what happened!