Jon and Kate Gosselin Reunite at $1.1 Million Home

Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited Thursday afternoon for the first time since he took new girlfriend Hailey Glassman on a luxe getaway to France.

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The exes were spotted hanging out in the driveway of their $1.1 million Pennsylvania home with two of their sextuplets. Jon drank Vitamin Water, while Aaden sucked on a popsicle. (They were last together on the fourth of July.) While Kate lives at the home full-time, Jon stops by when he has visitation. "We flip-flop that way," Kate explained on the same episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 they announced their split.

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Jon was also seen playing with two of his girls Wednesday at the home. On Tuesday, he landed in New York City without his new 22-year-old gal pal. When asked by photographers what ex Kate thinks of party girl Glassman (the daughter of the surgeon who performed her 2006 tummy tuck), Jon said, "I guess you'd have to ask Kate."

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He then added that he's "not allowed" to discuss the relationship. "I don't want to get in trouble," he said.