Jon Gosselin Jokes About Being Replaced by Biker on TLC Show

Kate Gosselin has made an unlikely new friend: A biker.

On a special episode of TLC's American Chopper Thursday, motorcycle builders Senior, Junior and Mikey Teutul popped by the Gosselins' Pennsylvania home to help Jon custom make a chopper. (The Teutul family also brought Kate also a custom pink Vespa.)

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As Jon chatted with Senior and Junior about his bike, Kate got to know Mikey. "When I got down there, she came out and sat down, and I sat next to her," said Mikey, who added that Kate "wasn't bothered" by the motorcycle crowd. "I thought she would be more intimidated. We threw blows a little bit. And in a matter of minutes, we were like old friends. I had the chance to spend most of the day with her; she even got on the bike with me."

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(Kate even took Mikey to a spa for a hair wash, comb and a pedicure. During the pedicure, Mikey jokingly asked for a copy of Us Weekly, which first broke the news of her husband Jon's infidelity. Kate started cracking up and threw a pillow at him. "When he said Us Weekly, I almost died," she said. "He is so funny.")

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Jon picked up on the two's new friendship: He even joked that he would be happy if Mikey filled in for him on his TLC show. "We can send Mikey to replace me," he said. "Apparently, I don't do anything -- and neither does he."

Jon went on to say that it was nice to be around some guys for once. "I like hanging out with the guys because I have few male friends -- as we all know," he quipped.

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