Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard Flirt Up a Storm in Jurassic World Sneak Peek: Watch Now, Plus Hear Pratt's Made-Up Lyrics For the Film's Theme Song!

Pro tip, Bryce Dallas Howard: When Chris Pratt invites you to “consult” in his bungalow, ALWAYS say yes. In the new sneak peek for Jurassic World, the sexy costars reveal their characters had a mildly romantic past. 

“I don’t control the raptors — it’s a relationship,” Pratt, as Owen Grady, says. “It’s based on mutual respect. That’s why you and I never had a second date.”

The uptight and “highly organized” Claire Dearing (Howard) claims she never wanted a second date. (Umm, yeah right.) 

If Pratt’s skintight henley shirt isn’t enough to make you swoon, perhaps you should check out his made-up version of the Jurassic Park theme song, which MTV shared on Instagram on April 8. 

“It’s Jurassic Park, it’s Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs will flip out and eat someone and eat someone,” Pratt sings to the familiar tune. 

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12.