Perspiration problems! Kobe Bryant played a ridiculous hidden-camera prank on a sweet, unsuspecting doctor during The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, April 27. The athlete, who recently retired from the NBA, told the woman he had an awful sweating issue, and even offered to sell her a container full of fake sweat.

The hilarious bit went down in Bryant's dressing room. Ellen DeGeneres, 58, told him exactly what to say by speaking through an earpiece — and she made sure the athlete's conversation was as awkward as possible.

"This right here is a jar of my sweat from the last game. Just the first quarter, actually," Bryant, 37, said. "I'm going to sell it on eBay, but if you want to buy it I'll give you the first crack at it."

To her credit, the doctor kept her composure, even when Bryant went on to detail the pattern of his perspiration. "It starts on my upper left cheek. Sorry, I mean my buttocks," he said. "It starts on my cheeks and starts dripping down to my knee. It drips back up. It keeps just going up, up, up to my ear, wraps around my neck and then from there it's like a shower. I'm just soaking wet. Just drenched."

Things just got weirder from there. At one point, Bryant said he made Botox at home and belted out "Sweaty Kobe," the mean song that his former teammates used to sing in the locker room.

For more, watch the funny video above!

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