LOL! Giuliana Rancic Waits on Husband Bill at RPM Italian

LOL! Giuliana Rancic Waits on Husband Bill at RPM Italian

Keep your day job, Giuliana Rancic!

When the E! News hostess and her husband, Bill, opened their first restaurant, RPM Italian, in Chicago earlier this year, the reality stars were more than happy to go through taste testing -- and, as it turns out, server training.

"I want to be involved as much as I can with the restaurant," Giuliana, 37, reasons in a preview clip from Tuesday's Giuliana & Bill. "Since all of the managers go through server training, I figured I should do that too. And, of course, I want to show Bill how good I am."

Eager to show off her skills to hubby Bill, 40, and the couple's friend, Jon, Giuliana fails to start off her food service test on the right foot.

Her first misstep? Failing to bring the guests their menus. Later, Giuliana gets tripped up when Jon asks about menu specifics. What exactly is the tuna poke? "It's the poke of the tuna," Giuliana says feebly, before 'fessing up that "I'm not sure [what it is], but I can Google it!"

For more of Giuliana's waitress woes, watch the preview clip above before the full episode of Giuliana & Bill airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. (EST) on STYLE.