No Political Debates For Rosie On Nip/Tuck Set: "I'm Amazed How Quiet She Is," Costar Says

Have Rosie O'Donnell's days of on-set politically-charged fights come to an end? The comedian, 45, became infamous for her brash bickering with colleagues on The View last year. But on the set of Nip/Tuck where she plays hypochondriac lotto-winner Dawn Budge ”O'Donnell is surprisingly silent. I'm amazed as how quiet she is on set," costar Dylan Walsh told at an autograph signing for the hit FX series in Hollywood October 25. "She was quieter than you would imagine. She listens to people." O'Donnell returns to to the latest season (which debuts October 30) "in a big way," costar Julian McMahon added. "She's fantastic."