President Obama to Appear on Mythbusters

Credit: Discovery Channel

President Barack Obama will get his geek on in a December 8 episode of Mythbusters, in which he'll appear with show hosts  Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savagefor a walk on role.

Obama, 46, made the announcement Monday at the White House Science Fair.

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"I can announce today that I taped a special guest appearance for their show, " Obama said, "Although I didn't get blow anything up… I was a little frustrated about that."

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In the episode for the Discovery Channel hit, Obama challenges the duo to test the myth of the "Archimedes Solar Ray," in which a Greek scientist set fire to an invading army using just mirrors and reflected sun rays.

The very special Obama episode of Mythbusters is part of Discovery Communications' "Be the Future" campaign, providing free science content to kids and educators across the country.