Review | Lottery Ticket

Credit: David Lee

Us Rating: **

Opens: Friday 8/20

Fired from his job at Foot Locker, down-on-his-luck high school grad Kevin (Bow Wow) plays the lottery using numbers from a fortune cookie -- and wins the $370 million jackpot. Just one problem: The office where he can claim his check is closed for a three-day weekend. As Kevin waits to cash in, he must contain his blabbermouth grandma (Loretta Devine, providing the film's few funny moments), fend off pals who all want a piece of his winnings, and escape a thug (Gbenga Akinnagbe) out to steal the ticket. It all adds up to a formulaic comedy that's chock-full of cliches (cue the mall spending spree!) and light on laughs.