Review | True Blood

Credit: John P. Johnson

Airs: Sunday, 6/1

Us Rating: **1/2

It's tough to top last season's cliffhanger, in which vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) got abducted just moments after proposing to his love, Sookie (Anna Paquin). But good news: Blood keeps pumping in the new round. The thrills start when Sookie begs bloodsucker Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) to help find Bill. He agrees, but not before taunting her with a flash of his naked bod. (There's a reason a reason why this show gets buzz for its raciness). More compellingly, Eric reveals he has "almost human" feelings for Sookie. This sets up an epic love triangle, given that -- caution, spoiler ahead! -- Bill is alive. Other plot developments, including a murder cover-up, aren't as fleshed out. But with all its sultry Louisiana ambience and wicked humor, this drama can't help but cast as a hypnotic spell. (HBO, 9 P.M.)

-- John Griffiths