Review | Melrose Place

AIR DATE: Tuesday 9/8

Ten years after the original drama ended, it turns out the West Hollywood complex still teems with trouble. The scheming tenants: commitmentaddled couple Riley and Jonah (Jessica Lucas and Michael Rady), alcoholic Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) and deceivingly naive Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, not half bad).

Want recognizable faces? Say hello again to slimy Michael (Thomas Calabro) and blackmailing landlord Sydney (Laura Leighton), who ends up -- er, spoiler alert -- murdered before the opening credits (she’ll still appear in flashbacks). Though this makeover isn’t perfect -- as the resident nasty, Katie CassidyHeather Locklear fails to fill 's stilettos -- the characters are sufficiently enticing, and the mystery-killer story line is juicy and compelling. Time will tell, but sizzling-soap fans may have a new home. (CW, 9 P.M.)