Olivia Wilde is a bad seed.

The 27-year-old actress is the latest celebrity to pose for Annie Leibovitz's famed Disney Dream portraits. (Previous muses include Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham.)

Portraying the Evil Queen from Snow White, the Tron: Legacy star -- whose relationship with Ryan Gosling, 30, is heating up -- joins Queen Latifah, Penelope Cruz, Jeff Bridges and Alec Baldwin in the latest campaign.

"Do you think we'll capture the moment she's figured out Snow White's still alive or before she hatched the plan?" Wilde asks while several wardrobe assistants work their magic.

"She's finding out that Snow White is still alive," Leibovitz responds before instructing Wilde to emote "a little bit of arrogance" during the shoot.

"The makeup kind of does it on its own," Wilde laughs. "I have to do so little."