Watch out, Iggy Azalea! There’s a new rapper in town, and her name is Mackenize Douthit. The former Teen Mom 3 star, 20, released a brand new music video for her rap song “The Sweetest Treat,” which is aimed at educating people on diabetes awareness. 

The song offers those suffering from diabetes “steps” like “eat your fruits and veggies” to help them adjust their diet and to live healthy lives. 

“Mackenzie here. And Imma tell you a little tale about why your sweets aren’t always a treat,” she begins in the song, later rapping, “When you got Type 2, got to watch your diet, but you gotta eat to keep your tummy quiet. If your body don’t produce enough insulin, that’s the stuff that you need to get your energy fixins.”

Douthit is married to Josh McKee and has two children, Gannon, 3, and Jaxie, 16 months, all of whom are featured in the video. 

"It was a lot of fun working with Adam Barta and @LAOnTheTrack creating The Sweetest Treat. I wanted to make a fun song about Diabetes that kids could relate to and I'm super excited to share it with you. I hope everyone enjoys it,” the former reality star told Us Weekly in a statement. 

“The Sweetest Treat” is available on iTunes. A portion of the proceeds from the song goes to diabetes research. 

Douthit isn’t the first Teen Mom star to release music. Farrah Abraham also released the song “Finally Get Up From Rock Bottom” in 2012 and the tune “Blowin” in 2014. 

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