Testy Jen Aniston Dissed by Tila Tequila, Zach Galifianakis in Skit

Jennifer Aniston is a good sport!

The Just Go With It actress, 41, is the butt of the joke in a hilarious new "Funny or Die" video -- in which comic actor Zach Galifianakis and reality star Tila Tequila bond as they gang up on her.

On Galifianakis' fake "Between Two Ferns" cable-access show, the Hangover star makes Aniston's visit to the set as awkward as possible: Tila rolls her eyes as Aniston introduces herself and then moves a fern in order to find a seat.

"Tila, tell Jennifer a little bit about yourself," he asks, clearly favoring Tila over Aniston. He then makes a crack about Aniston's sex life while explaining Tila's popular reality show.

"What she would do was she would have a lot of people to fight over her to maybe get in bed with her. ... Sound familiar Jennifer?"

As the Q&A progresses, he asks her which U.S. state she'd drop a nuclear bomb on -- Aniston refuses to answer.

Finally, Aniston has had enough -- watch her stage a fit in this super-funny sketch.