Tim Gunn: Angelina and Brad Were "Stunning" Up Close at the Oscars

Tim Gunn still can't get over meeting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie while hosting ABC's Oscar pre-show on Sunday."That was a pure unbridled ambush!" he told Usmagazine.com Thursday at the 21st annual Bailey House auction and party in NYC. "Because if my brain had been operating more than my viscera, I never would never have had the courage to [go up to them]." "I did it," he added, "and they were delightful."

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Their publicists had told all press outlets that "they were talking to no one," Gunn said. "'We don't care if you're the official pre-show - they're not going to talk to!'" Gunn recalled them saying.

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"So the producers said, 'We're not going to take that lying down!'" he went on. "And we didn't!"

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After approaching them, Gunn told Us, "they couldn't be lovelier, and what a stunning couple they are! I've never seen them up close like that! Stunning, stunning! And you can tell there's this synergy between them and there's just this incredible affection. It's very touching."