Todrick Hall Performs Beyonce's Entire Catalog in One Flawless Mash-Up: Watch Now!

Ready to fall "Crazy in Love" with yet another Beyonce mash-up? Broadway performer and YouTube star Todrick Hall just came out with his latest Internet creation, "4 Beyonce," and it's so pretty it hurts. 

Duplicating himself into four copies, Hall, 30, sings the entirety of Beyonce's five-album catalog, blending her hit songs into one perfect mash-up. 

"I'll be your baby, baby boy you stay on my mind, love you like crazy, looking so crazy in love!" he sings, blending Bey's songs, "End of Time," "Baby Boy," and "Crazy in Love." 

Hall recently released the "90s Disney" mash-up featuring Shoshana Bean, which went viral and has reached more than 2 million views on YouTube. 

Watch the clip now!