Tom Cruise Smashes Glass Images of Jimmy Fallon With a Football in Hilarious Tonight Show Sketch

A bit competitive, Tom? Tom Cruise took on Jimmy Fallon in a bizarre game of Face Breakers on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, June 4—and it was clear the Oblivion actor wanted to win!

The aim of the game was to smash glass images of the other's face with a football. Eager to play fair, Cruise, 51, asked exactly where Fallon wanted him to stand. Teasing his guest about how seriously he was taking the contest, Fallon quipped, "You stand further back [than me]."

Evidently giving it his all, Cruise threw his first ball so hard that he smashed not only the glass window, but the entire metal frame.

After a couple misfires, Fallon started catching up with the actor's score, but Cruise's hunger for victory was too strong. When the airhorn sounded signaling the speed round, the actor's ball smashed the final Fallon face to the ground, and Cruise yelled out in triumph.

Cruise and Fallon have a history of crazy competitions on the popular late night TV show. In December 2013 Suri Cruise's dad had a ball soaking Fallon with a huge water gun.

Click the video above to watch the hilarious game!