Watch Justin Bieber Set a World Record

Entertainment Feb. 17, 2011 AT 3:29PM

Justin Bieber can add world record tweeter to his long list of accomplishments. During an interview with Metacafe earlier this month, Bieber set the Universal Record Database's record for "most number of tweets sent during an interview."

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The Universal Record Database is an online compendium of weird and quirky records. There are no limits on the types of records that qualify for inclusion into the database. Justin, Never Say Never director John Chu and interviewer Matt Zaller managed to send a total of 29 tweets in three-and-a-half minutes.

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During the interview, Zaller jokingly asked Bieber if it was "difficult to get into character for [Never Say Never]."

"It's really hard to play Justin Bieber," deadpanned the pop star, "knowing that I'm not Justin Bieber."

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And the hardest part, said Chu, "was the hair -- applying the hair…"

"Right," agreed Bieber. "Every morning it's 20 minutes in the make-up chair just to put on the hair."



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