There's a reason she's Miss American Dream! For the second time in a week, Britney Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing her "Piece of Me" show in Las Vegas. But no surprise: Just like the first time, she handled it like a boss.

As seen the video above captured by a fan and obtained by Us Weekly, Spears, 34, was singing her cover of "I Love Rock N' Roll" on Sunday, October 23, when her bondage-inspired bra unsnapped. Her reaction? She simply grabbed her chest and let her backup dancer re-clasp her in place — while still singing and dancing.

The "Make Me" singer had a similar issue earlier in the week when, while belting out "3," her sheer bodysuit began to unzip, revealing the top of her white G-string. Her backup dancers did their best to try to zip her back up, but there was no helping the slinky one-piece, so Spears just kept on dancing. She ran offstage only after she finished singing the song and the lights went down.

Of course, we're not the only fans of badass Spears. When asked for her best impression of someone famous during Vogue's "73 Questions," Emma Stone offered up a flawless take on the pop princess. The La La Land actress sang "…Baby, One More Time" using Spears' signature crooning style, and knocked it out of the park — watch here!

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