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Andi Dorfman Is Running the New York City Marathon, Shares Her Diet and Exercise Tips (Exclusive)

Andi Dorfman is Running the New York City Marathon, shares her diet and exercise tips
Courtesy of Andi Dorfman

She’s on the move for a cause! Andi Dorfman has already conquered The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The New York Times Best Seller charts twice, but now she’s taking up a new cause — the New York City Marathon. The Single State of Mind  author sat down with Us Weekly to open up about the grueling months to come.

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The reality TV star, 32, tells Us of the upcoming training. “I start training this week, which is so crazy to me. The marathon is 26 miles, I haven’t even fully wrapped by head around that, yet.’ Andi has been running for a while now, but not to this degree, “I’ll go out there and I’ll run, like, four to six miles. But I stop. I walk. I kind of do it as a hobby to see the city, not as rigorous as I should. So when I say four to six miles, like, that might mean I stop to watch the sunset or watch the kids in the park or people play. I love soaking in the scenery, so four to six is my max so far and we’re about to quadruple that.”

Andi Dorfman is Running the New York City Marathon, shares her diet and exercise tips
Courtesy of Andi Dorfman

The author is taking her hobby a little more seriously now for a good cause, “I’ve been running four, five days a week, but never any type of dedicated training kind of intervals and no goal. But now, I’ll be running for charity, so that’s the extra push I needed.  It’s for me, but also for others. I have a few charities I’m talking to, but I want to be running for a couple of them.”

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Andi also knows that her influence is contagious: “I love people who Instagram story themselves running and they’ll tag me or they’ll send me a message and they’ll be like, ‘Wow this is so motivational and so inspirational’.” She explained, “I never grew up a runner. I never thought of myself as somebody that was fit or somebody that could advocate for that and then the more people kind of have caught onto it, it’s inspired me to keep going, the more I keep doing it. And it’s just kind of become something that I really like and I think it’s relatable in the sense of I’m not an athlete.” 

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But there’s one vice the former Bachelorette won’t give up: “I sadly have a feeling that my intake of wine is going to decrease. No, I’m not going to give up wine. I like running, but I like my wine. Sometimes I say, for training purposes, ‘Let’s lose to booze.’ But yeah, I’m sure it will go down just a little bit, but don’t count me out.” What about after the race? Dorfman tells Us what she’s most looking forward to. “After the race, even if I can’t walk, I hope there’s a bottle of wine waiting at the finish line if I finish!”

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