Biggest Loser’s New Trainers: How We Keep Our Team Motivated


As the Unknowns team returns to the Biggest Loser ranch on Tuesday's all-new episode, the show's newest trainers opened up to about keeping their clients motivated — and meshing with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

Read on to learn Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel's "miracle moves" and find out which BL contestants' stories have stuck with them most during the training process. On tonight's episode, your Unknown clients return to the ranch to compete against Bob and Jillian's team. What routines have you done to prep for their return?
Brett Hoebel: One of the signature techniques I use is capoeira, an African Brazilian [form of] martial arts disguised as a dance. It's effective because it's fun and has movement. If I had to pick one move, I would pick the ginga — it's kind of like a rocking lunge with attitude. It's a full body movement working the legs, booty and arms, so [the players are] getting maximum calorie burn.

Us: You engage your team in a lot of boxing and martial arts workouts. Is there a particular player who's really taken a shine to that type of training?
Cara Castronuova: Moses always finds a way to lose weight no matter what. He really has embraced the whole boxing thing and believes it's why he's lost so much weight. After suffering a fracture in his knee, he sat down shadowboxing and lost just as much weight as everyone else. He's the type of guy who is going to find a way no matter what.

BH: Kaylee [came to the ranch] and exact words were 'I don't feel worthy.' I've been there when you don't believe in your physical ability and don't believe in yourself. I was able to show her how I got through it as an overweight kid. Not only was I not getting picked first or last, I wouldn't be picked on the team. A lot of the biggest breakthroughs for her involved really pushing her and making her know that she can do it.

Us: What aspects of your fitness philosophy will best guide the contestants when they return to the ranch?
CC: The four trainers are totally different. My background as an athlete is something that is really different. I can identify with the contestants on the level they're competing. I understand drive and motivation. It's not just about the $250,000 prize, it's about getting their lives back. A lot of things in my life are similar to what some of the contestants have been through. So, they kind of sense that and feel they can confide in me. I'm not going to judge that. That's a big factor for me in training them.

BH: Science is a key part of my training. Being a group fitness instructor, which I did for a long time, you're sort of a glorified cheerleader, but when you're training people [in] anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, you either know it or you don't. I think that's a very big part in my approach to training.

I'm not born with a six pack — I get up and train with them. I don't blow a whistle and say 'run up the hill,' I run up the hill with them. When you walk the talk and lead by example they get the trust and respect. I was always called the fat kid that didn't know he was fat, because I didn't believe I couldn't come in first. I didn't believe I couldn't do those things. I get to show the contestants that they can come out on top. Seeing is not believing. Doing is believing.

The Biggest Loser: Couples airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. (EST) on NBC.

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