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Jennifer Hudson’s Wellness Guru Liz Josefsberg Shares Simple Tips to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Jennifer Hudson performs at the Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book Collection Gala at ST. Ann’s Warehouse on April 21, 2017 in New York City. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

Start the year off right! New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, and ahead of the new year, celebrity wellness expert Liz Josefsberg is sharing some uncomplicated, everyday tweaks that will help you live your best life in 2018.

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Josefsberg is the author of the new book, Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps. She is also the guru behind Jennifer Hudson’s fit figure and has worked with other toned celebs such as Jessica Simpson. Scroll below to find out which small changes will work for you!

Banish Your Cell Phone
In an effort to get an extra 100 minutes of shut-eye a week — one of six weight-loss aiding goals Josefsberg outlines in her new book, Target 100 — the pro suggests using an alarm clock rather than your phone. “The temptation to check email before you go to sleep is so strong,” she noted. “And that usually creates some stress and inability to fall asleep.”

Become Basic
Flavored yogurts and oatmeals can be full of carbs, said Josefsberg, who advises consuming no more than 100 grams a day. So when possible, “go with plain.”

Try a Walk and Talk
To log an extra 100 minutes of weekly movement, the former Weight Watchers director takes all of her calls on a headset. “Moving is critical for your metabolism,” she said. “When you’re sedentary all day long, it’s completely shut down.”

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Find Your Om
Stress can trash your diet, says the pro: “You get a rush of adrenaline and your body grabs a tiny bit from fat stores.” Then, your body over-compensates by making you hungrier. Break the cycle by devoting 100 minutes each week to de-stressing. Coloring, knitting or meditation can be calming and “make you feel different about food choices,” she says. “It’s probably the most spectacular change you can make.”

Start Drinking Early
Consuming 100 ounces of water a day keeps your metabolism and digestion on track. To hit that mark, says Josefsberg, bring a full glass of water to bed: “If you guzzle that down right at the beginning of the day, it can set the tone for being hydrated.”

Fully Enjoy Fat
Another way to stay under 100 grams of carbs a day is to avoid any nonfat eats. While reduced-fat cheeses may seem virtuous, “they’re higher in sugar and carbs,” says the wellness expert. “It’d be more satisfying to eat a small amount of full-fat dairy.”

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Schedule in Sweat
Whether it’s booking a class or committing to a run, set your exercise (you should aim for 100 minutes weekly) as an appointment in your agenda. Says the pro, “It’s really about putting yourself into the mix.”

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