Cure Your Holiday Hangover!


Dr. Oz, from The Dr. Oz Show, is Oprah Winfrey's top doc! The vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University, who was the featured health expert on her show for five years, now offers up his top-notch health advice to avoid getting those holiday hangovers.

As much as most people would like to believe they won't overdo it at their company holiday party or their neighbor's Christmas soiree or their second-cousin's bar bash, there's a good chance that after at least one fun night out, they'll be paying the price the next day.

The reason why you get a hangover after you drink is because booze is a diuretic. If you are drinking too much, you are urinating out a lot of fluid, and all that fluid is what is holding that beautiful brain of yours intact. Inside of that skull, the brain is rattling around because there's no fluid around it. That's why you get terrible head pains the next day.

How to Avoid a Hangover
The color of the alcohol predicts if it will make you hungover or not. The darker alcohol — brandy and scotch — have impurities in them, which is why they're dark. The pure stuff — vodka and gin — does less damage. So, if you're going to get drunk on something, that's what you want to favor.

How to Treat a Hangover
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You need to reintroduce liquid after getting rid of so much of it the night before. Water works, but also try prickly pear juice — this really works on hangovers. And it might not sound too appealing, but get up and exercise!

For more holiday nutrition tips, tune into The Dr. Oz Show.

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