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RxSaver’s Dr. Holly Phillips Gives Simple Tips for Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Dr. Holly Phillips

Are you ready to start making your health a priority, but don’t know where to start? From wellness advice to easy-to-use apps, Dr. Holly Phillips, medical expert for RxSaver by RetailMeNot, sits down to answer some of your burning questions.

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What’s one of the best ways to monitor your overall health?
“Every adult should undergo at least one full physical a year. If you have a personal or family history of medical conditions, an increased risk of illness r are being treated for a condition, regular follow-ups and additional visits will likely be required.”

What causes high blood pressure and what can be done to lower it?
“Risk factors including [things like smoking, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle and too much alcohol. You can lower your numbers by being as active as possible. Stand up twice an hour if you work at a desk, take an after-dinner walk and try to get in 30 minutes of sustained cardiovascular activity five days a week.”

If I’m prescribed medication, are generic and brand-name drugs equally effective?
“In the vast majority of cases, they’re virtually identical, but the brand-name versions tend to be more costly.”

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What websites or apps do you recommend when it comes to saving on prescriptions?
“Keep in mind that prescription prices vary widely from pharmacy to pharmacy, and your insurance copay might not be the least expensive option.l You can use RxSaver, a website ( and app that lets you compare drug prices at pharmacies in your area to get the best price possible.”

Grab a Glass
Studies have shown that sipping an adequate amount of H2) daily can improve your complexion, boost your immune system, improve your mood and relive fatigue. We’ll drink to that!

Grab A Glass.

Catch Some Shut-Eye
According to researchers, getting six to eight hours of sleep a night can do wonders for your body. Not only will it give you the energy to power through the day, but it can also reduce stress and aid in weight loss.

Catch Some Shut-Eye.

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Make Smart Swaps
Making small substitutions to your diet can change your overall health in a big way. Instead of munching on greasy potato chips, reach for a bag of baked kale chips — or whip up some nutrient-packed brown rice instead of processed white rice.

Making Smart Swaps.