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Fergie’s Trainer: How to Get A-List Legs

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Fergie on December 4, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Want sexy, toned legs like Fergie?

Celebrity fitness trainer Natasha Kufa shared with Us Weekly how to get it! Kufa, author of The 10% Rule: Small Changes, Big Results, has three exercises she recommends to get A-list legs fast.

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1. Resistance Band Lifts

“You can use resistance bands or the weights that go around your ankle for this workout. You want to lie on your right side, perched on your right arm with a resistance band looped around both your ankles. You feet will be stacked one on top of the other. You will raise your right leg toward the ceiling, feeling the resistance in the outer thigh. Hold briefly, and return to the start position under control. You should feel this in your thighs. Try doing a twenty count on each side.” 

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2. Kettelbell Walking Lunges

“Walking lunges using a kettlebell. You want to use a light kettleball about three to five pounds. Stand straight up with your feet shoulder width apart holding one kettlebell. Step forward and lower your body into a lunge, with your rear leg barely touching the floor. Make sure you take a big enough step so that the knee does not travel past the toe. Pass off the kettlebell into the opposite hand through your legs and then repeat. You want to do three sets of 15 one way and then turn around and go in the opposite direction. Passing the kettlebell from hand to hand makes it much more challenging.”

Natasha Kufa

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3. Plie Squat 

“This is a fun one. The plie is like a classic ballerina move. Turning your toes out targets the inner thigh muscles. Grasp a dumbell with both hands and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down, as if you were about to sit in a chair and tighten those muscles. Hold for 5 seconds and return to starting point. Repeat for three sets of 12 without stopping. These exercises added to your daily routine will tone and tighten your legs. You should see results in four weeks.”

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