How Madonna Maintains Her Age-Defying Physique


Ever wonder what it takes to get Madonna's bangin' body? Drive, determination, and fitness guru Nicole Winhoffer.

Winhoffer is the woman behind the pop icon's super-sculpted physique. As Madonna's very own personal trainer, she works out with the 54-year-old singer every day, accompanies her on world tours, and even trains her backup dancers. She also serves as the creative director for Madonna's ultra-luxe Hard Candy Fitness gyms around the world.

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Us Weekly caught up with the classically trained dancer to get a few of the workout secrets she employs to train the Queen of Pop.

The most important part of Madonna's exercise routine isn't even exercise, Winhoffer says. It's commitment to exercise. To get a body like the one the "Give Me All Your Luvin" singer has been sporting on her MDNA tour, you have to work out five or six times a week.

"It's hard work, but make time and put in 110 percent and you will see results," the trainer says.

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It's also good to set goals. "When you're specific about what you are reaching toward, you will get what you want," Winhoffer explains, adding that she and the mother of four focus on burning fat, lifting the derriere, cinching the waist, toning the arms, and trimming the thighs. "Practice makes perfect. Concentrating on your goals will lead them to you. Believe in yourself and work at it."

And don't give up if certain moves feel difficult — they're supposed to!

"It's not what you are doing but how you are doing it. Sweating is a direct result of performance — it means you are doing it right," the fitness expert advises. "Pay attention to the exercise, what muscles you are working, how it feels, and if it challenges you. Do the things that are challenging, and break through the obstacles."

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Winhoffer also suggests turning up the heat a little — literally. Heat and humidity in your workout space helps to warm your muscles, detoxify your body, increase blood flow and oxygen through your system, and enhance endurance.

Lastly, the trainer adds, try to mix things up from time to time. Don't let your routine become too routine.

"The only constant thing is change," she says. "Your workouts should be diversified to challenge the mind and body. If your mind and body are not challenged, you won't see results."

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