How to Get Jessica Biel’s Abs

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Want to look like Jessica Biel in a bikini?

"Jessica is in great shape. She maintains her body and doesn't necessarily have to train every day," Gold's Gym's Ramona Braganza, who trained her for The A-Team, tells of the actress, 28, who was named "Best Abs" in and Gold's Gym's first ever Hollywood's Hottest Bodies Awards.

Biel hits the gym "four days a week for an hour," Braganza says. She describes a few moves they did together to get her abs:

1. Back extensions on a stability ball. Start standing with your back to the wall, and then lie forward on the ball with your legs straight behind you and the soles of your feet flat on the wall and your arms extended. Raise torso and legs on an inhale, hold it for a second or two and lower back down. Do 10 in a row, two reps.

2. Pushups. Do a set of three pushups on toes, and then stay in plank position for a count of five before doing another set. The idea is to keep abs contracted for longer than just the exercise.

3. Side-lying planks. These work the oblique muscles. Begin lying on the ground on your side with your feet stretched long. Prop yourself on right elbow, exhale, lift hips off floor. Hold briefly, then lower back to start. Do two sets of 10.

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Biel also relies on a diet rich in vegetables and grains like quinoa and kasha to stay slim, Braganza tells Us. "She likes to cook a lot. She has meals prepared or cooks herself."

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