Jillian Michaels Shares a High-Intensity, Full-Body, 10-Minute Workout

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Before swimsuit season, resolve to cut back … on gym time! The Biggest Loser alum Jillian Michaels — who calls herself “America’s toughest trainer” — has crafted a quickie workout for Us so intense your body will continue to burn calories long after you finish.

Four days a week, do each toning move for 30 seconds, then repeat the entire circuit. (Warm up with five minutes of cardio first.) The short-but-not-sweet interval training “makes the most of your time,” explains the 44-year-old L.A. pro. “You burn calories, boost metabolism, maintain lean muscle and burn fat.”

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1. Walk-Out Push-Ups
Standing with your feet hip-width apart, bend forward from hips to touch toes. Walk your hands out until your back is straight, do a pushup, then walk your hands back to your toes.

2. Burpees
From standing, lower into a squat and place both hands on the floor. Quickly jump back into a pushup position, lower chest to the floor, then jump feet back into a squat. Finish by jumping straight up, arms in the air.

3. Goddess Squats
Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes turned out and arms by your sides. Lower into a squat until your butt is above your heels, keeping hands in front of you. Return to start. Tip: If you feel like you are going to fall backward, hold a 20-pound weight with both hands at your chest as a way to counterbalance.

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4. Jumping Lunges
Stand with your feet staggered, left in front. Push off using both feet to jump. Switch legs in midair, landing in a lunge position with your right leg in front. Repeat, landing with your left leg in front.

5. Side Plank Pop ’n’ Crunches
Lie on your left side in a side plank, left foot slightly in front of right, your left arm straight, holding up your body. Put your right hand behind your head, then lower body to tap your left hip on the ground. Use your abs to raise back up, then crunch your right elbow to meet your left side. When you repeat the circuit, switch sides.

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6. Extended Plank Hold
Get into a pushup position, with legs straight, toes on the ground and hands on the floor directly under the shoulders. Walk hands out as far as you can while still maintaining position and hold for 30 seconds. Make sure to keep the body straight.

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7. Superman
Lie facedown on the ground, arms and legs extended. Lift arms and legs, keeping them straight and shoulder blades down, until your chest and knees are off the ground. Hold for a beat, then return to start.

8. Twisting Mountain Climbers
Start in a plank, then quickly bring the left knee to right armpit, twisting at the waist. Jump it back as you bring your right knee in to left armpit. Alternate sides.

9. Alternating Leg-Climber Crunches
Lie on your back, legs extended. Keeping the right leg on the ground, raise your left leg until it’s perpendicular to your body. Using your abs, lift your upper body. Reach for your thigh with the right hand, then reach for your knee with the left, then reach for your ankle with the right. Finally, use both hands to grab the sole of your foot before returning to start. (If you can’t reach your foot, suggests Michaels, grab your ankle.) Repeat with right leg.

10. Wide Row in Static Squats
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a 10-pound weight in each hand with palms facing behind you. Squat until thighs are parallel to the floor and torso is at a 45-degree angle. Row elbows back and hands to the chest. Keep squat. Lower arms, then repeat.

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