John Goodman Reveals How He Lost All the Weight

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John Goodman opened up about his dramatic slim down during a Wednesday appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Last week, the often-portly actor, nearly 58, turned heads at a Hollywood event with a much thinner figure.

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The Roseanne star estimated that he was "pushing 400" pounds at his heaviest. His battle of the bulge has been an annual ritual, he explained. "I'd lose 60 pounds every spring."

His weakness: beer. "I got too fond of the corn and barley and just started missing it too much, and that screwed everything up. I just gained it all back and then some every year."

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Friends and family were concerned, he said. ("[They said], you're breaking furniture, for lord's sake!")

How'd he do it? "I'm getting a lot of exercise," he said. His goals: "I'm gonna base it on the fat content of my body. Whatever's healthy and right — not go nuts." See the top 10 timeless exercises.

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His goal weight? "30 pounds," he joked. "I'm not gonna look like Paris Hilton or anything."

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