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Lena Dunham: I Don’t Want the Body of a Victoria’s Secret Model

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Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham isn't perfect, but she is perfectly happy with who she is and how she looks. In fact, given the choice between her current body and the body of a Victoria's Secret model, the Girls creator would opt to stick with her status quo.

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Talking about her appearance in the April issue of Playboy — she's the subject of the magazine's 20Q column — the always-candid 26-year-old Golden Globe winner says seriously that "it must be a big burden in some ways to look [like a model] and be in public." She'd much rather be herself than, say, Miranda Kerr or Alessandra Ambrosio.

"I'd be really disoriented and wonder what had happened in the night," she replies when asked what she'd do if she woke up in the body of a Victoria's Secret bombshell. "Which enemy had dragged me to the doctor? I don't think I'd like it very much. There would be all kinds of weird challenges to deal with that I don't have to deal with now."

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"I don't want to go through life wondering if people are talking to me because I have a big rack," Dunham explains. "Not being the babest person in the world creates a nice barrier. The people who talk to you are the people who are interested in you."

"That said, I probably would want to see if I could get free food at restaurants," she quips. "Then I'd call a doctor and see if she could return me to my former situation."

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There may be one other scenario in which she could see having a model's physique working to her advantage, though. Joking about the type of men who hit on her, the actress — dating musician Jack Antonoff of the band fun. — says: "I definitely haven't had any Ryan Goslings saying, 'I love the way your mind works. Can I take you to dinner?' Maybe it would happen if I looked like a Victoria's Secret model for one day. Now I understand how I could use that."

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