The Lammily “Real” Barbie Now Has a Period Accessory: See the Educational Menstruation Kit

Lammily Period Party
Lammily Period Party courtesy of Lammily

She's definitely real! The Lammily doll, which claims to be the only "real" Barbie-type doll with average body proportions, has a new product on the market: the Period Party package.

Lammily Period Party - Girl with Doll
Lammily Period Party courtesy of Lammily

You read that right! In case you're a parent looking to navigate the terrifying subject of feminine hygiene with your prepubescent daughter, Lammily's new "Period Party" sticker book will help you do the heavy lifting.

The menstruation package comes with an educational pamphlet, a pair of panties that fit the doll, a period-tracking calendar, and 18 reusable pad and liner stickers (tampons are currently not part of the Period Party).

Lammily Period Party - Doll covered in pads
Lammily Period Party courtesy of Lammily

In case you're not convinced, Lammily also produced a YouTube video that follows a pair of "cool" parents who try to explain what periods are through rap. One key line? "You're about to be a woman and here's the feature, you'll get eggs in your belly, just like Easter."

The new, educational kit is sold for $10 on

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