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Valerie Bertinelli Felt “So Much Shame” Over Weight Gain: “It Started to Panic Me”

Valerie Bertinelli on the set of "Hot In Cleveland" on March 27, 2014
Valerie Bertinelli says she felt "so much shame" when she started gaining weight after breaking her foot; "it started to panic me," she admits

Valerie Bertinelli is taking a "One Day at a Time" approach to her body. The Hot in Cleveland star, who lost more than 40 pounds on Jenny Craig in 2012, recently gained some weight after she was sidelined from exercise by a broken foot, but she's slowly getting back into the swing of things, both physically and emotionally. 

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"I broke my foot three months ago and I've not been able to work out," she said during an appearance on The Talk this week, noting that the number on her scale started to "creep" up after her injury. While she initially felt ashamed of the weight gain, she decided to give herself a break.

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"I started thinking, 'Why do I feel so much shame? Because the cameras are on me? Because the paparazzi can't wait to get a picture of me looking like I've gained a few pounds?'" Bertinelli, 53, told the Talk hosts. "We have to take the shame out of it! It's not fair."

The former One Day at a Time star — who married her second husband, Tom Vitale, in January 2011 — still looks great, of course, but she'd like to get back to where she was before her injury. That said, she's being careful not to put too much pressure on herself.

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"I have gained a few pounds since I broke my foot, and it started to panic me at a certain point, and I thought, 'No, wait a minute. This is my body. I'm almost 54, I broke my foot, I haven't been able to move,'" she explained. "My doctor even said, 'Do not get your heart rate up.' So I couldn't do anything. But now I'm back in the gym and I'm ready to go."

Then, to cheers from the audience, she added: "I think we all need to give each other a break. Especially women — let's leave each other alone!"

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