‘Moms Like Us’: Real Moms Share Their Picks for Back-to-School Gear and Gadgets for Kids of All Ages

Back-to-school looks a lot different this year, but Moms Like Us host Christina Garibaldi and Stroller in the City’s Brianne Manz are making sure your kid has everything they need to successfully hit the books. From stylish masks to eco-friendly cleaning products, watch the latest episode of Moms Like Us above to see how your kids can start the school year off right.

Make Masks Fashion
Getting kids to wear their masks is hard enough, but keeping track of them is even harder! To help your little one, check out Little Navy’s monogrammed masks that come in a variety of fun fabrics.

Backpacks That Give Back
For every State Bag purchased, the company gives back to American children and families in need. Their initiatives include donating fully-packed backpacks and shedding light on social injustice. So don’t just start school in style with their tie-dye and metallic book bags, but start it by giving back!

Backpacks Back to School
Brianne Manz

Comfortable Remote Learning
Kids who are remote learning can get antsy, so help them out with chairs that keep them moving. Active Chairs wobble while your kid is sitting at their desk, engaging their whole body, almost as if they were taking a run in the backyard.

Teacher’s Pet
If anyone deserves a special treat this fall, it’s teachers! Surprise your children’s mentors with 1800Baskets.com artisan iced cookies. The cutout sugar cookies say things like “Welcome Back,” “A+” and more. Plus, share some of their emoticon cookies with your kids as a reward for their first week back.

Start School in Style
Don’t forget about your little ones starting nursery or Pre-K! DSW has you covered with Barbie and Hot Wheels kicks that are almost too cool for school. Hook your kid up with a pair to make sure they start school on the right foot!

Mabels Labels Back to School
Mabel’s Labels Brianne Manz

Buy One, Give One
Yoobi is a buy-one, give-one school supply company which means for every item you purchase, an essential school supply is donated to a kid in need. Since starting in 2014, they have impacted the lives of over 5 million kids. Plus, the bright colors and designs will make learning that much more fun for your tweens!

Keeping Track
Say goodbye to germy mixups and help your kids or students keep track of their work, lunch, mask and more with Mabel’s Labels. You can put these personalized stickers on just about anything you’re sending them to school with.

Keep It Clean
Treat yourselves with some state-of-the-art cleaning supplies to keep the house clean when the kiddos come home. Cleancult products ship in eco-friendly cartons, which are 100 percent recyclable, natural and non-toxic.

Also in this episode, Garibaldi and Manz chat with Dr. Ian Smith about the precautions parents should be taking to keep their kids healthy, plus a look at Chrissy Teigen’s incredible home school.

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